Through the unique lens of luxury travel,
I create beautiful
Digital Content
that brings your
brand to life.

 Through the unique lens
of luxury travel, I create beautiful Digital Content
that brings your
brand to life.

About the brand

Hey there, wanderer of the world and seeker of exquisite moments! I'm thrilled to have you here, exploring the world of travel, photography and all things luxurious. Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Fenja, a visual storyteller and connoisseur of life's most captivating moments. But this isn't just an "About Me" page – it's about us, the journey we're about to embark on together, and the memories we'll create along the way.

A Journey of Travel, Photography and Luxury

About Me and About You

        I believe: Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.
— Peter Hagerty 



Connection - Photography isn't just about clicking a button. I strive to create visuals that resonate on a

 deeper level.

02 — Uniqueness - I believe every brand is an individual, so everyone should have a unique experience, tailored to their specific vision.

Authenticity - I believe that the moments you want to capture aren't always perfect or scripted, they are uncut, raw and writhing with emotion.


My Values

The Fenja Manifesto

From fashion to frames, I made the leap – into the art of storytelling through images. With each click, I realized that my lens was my passport to unseen worlds and hidden emotions.

Through the twists and turns of this transition, challenges and triumphs, I found myself in a place where my two worlds merged. The designer's eye for detail, colours and textures seamlessly blended with the photographer's pursuit of perfection. And as I ventured further into this new chapter, I realized that my journey had always been leading me here – to this crossroads of creativity and authenticity.

Photography had always been the fire that warmed my soul. From the early days, I found myself mesmerized by the magic of a camera.

Today, as I wield my camera to capture your stories, I do so with the understanding that life's beauty is not just in the clothes we wear, but in the moments we create, the connections we forge, and the memories we cherish.

In a bustling city, I once walked the path of a fashion designer, stitching dreams into fabrics and sending them down the runway. But life has a charming way of leading us down unexpected paths. And so the runway held its allure while my heart yearned for a different kind of creativity – one that could freeze a moment in time, capture emotions, and tell tales through images.

Alongside the whirlwind of fashion, my voyage into this realm of creativity and storytelling was set in motion by a happy accident. A simple act of sharing travel photos on my blog and Instagram unfolded a world of possibilities I had never foreseen. With every picture posted, I was weaving a visual narrative that resonated with souls around the globe.

As the likes and comments poured in, a realization dawned upon me. These weren't just photographs; they were windows to experiences, gateways to emotions, and invitations to explore the world through my lens. The images became more than mere pixels; they transformed into stories waiting to be told.

My Story

How I turned my passion into a thriving photography Business

This journey, from the runway to the world, shows how powerful it is to embrace one's passion and transform it into a successful business.

7 things - I'M deeply passionate about


Photography is more than just freezing moments in time; it serves as my canvas for self-expression. It allows me to convey emotions that words might struggle to capture. The dance of light, the interplay of colours, and the power of a well-composed shot can stir emotions and memories in ways that are truly awe-inspiring. 

Capturing Life's Symphony

Traveling isn't just a stamp on my passport; it's the heartbeat of my artistry. From the towering peaks of the Swiss Alps to the serene beaches of Bali, I've danced through destinations with my camera always by my side. 

From Dreams to Destinations

Your Visual Guide - In the digital age, every image deserves a spotlight. With my expertise as a social media maestro, I ensure that your story reaches hearts and screens around the world. Let's make your journey not just a memory, but an immersive experience that captivates audiences far and wide.

Navigating the Social World

Through my blog, I unravel tales of my adventures and musings. From the tips to capture the ethereal light of dawn to the secrets of framing a candid moment, I share my experience and knowledge with you.

Blogger by Heart, Storyteller by Soul

The plushness of well-crafted bedding, the allure of a carefully curated lobby – I adore weaving the magic of these spaces into my photography. Through my lens, I invite you to explore the world of hospitality in every click.

A Love Affair with Luxury Hotels

Life is a blend of flavours, and I have a penchant for the finer ones. A latte adorned with intricate art and the delicate charm of macarons are more than mere treats – they're inspirations for my craft. Just as I create visual masterpieces, I find joy in sipping art and savoring life's little delights.

From Latte Art to Macaron Magic

Teaching and learning, for me, form a beautifully symbiotic relationship. The joy of imparting knowledge and watching minds light up with understanding is golden. However, teaching isn't just about one-way transmission; it's a continuous journey of learning.

The Art of Teaching and Learning

and what I can do for You!

What I Do

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